October 2018

Local MP Visits Safe Haven Cornwall - Supporting the Transgender and Non-Binary Community


George Eustice MP recently took the time to visit Safe Haven - Cornwall, near Camborne, a local Charitable organisation who provide support for people involved within the transgender/non-binary community.


Safe Haven which was started just under four years ago, is a safe private venue for people to socialise, make friends, laugh and simply be themselves in a fearless environment. They run a number of support groups focusing on different areas designed to provide support not just for the individual but also for their partners and families. Safe Haven have enjoyed considerable success in recent years gaining national recognition as finalists in the Community Organisation Award for LGBT at the National Diversity Awards. Currently they are working as part of the campaign to support reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.


George Eustice said, “Safe Haven are a good local organisation providing help and support to the trans and LGBTQ community. It’s great that there are a number of different support groups aimed at tackling the issues which transgender/non-binary people face, and I would like to congratulate them on their achievements and hard work that they do in supporting the local community.”

Safe Haven were very grateful to receive a grant, Pixie attended a reception given by Cornwall Glass for all the  benefactors of grants given this year.


September 2018

Safe Haven made it to the shortlist of the National Diversity Awards 2018

The Awards Ceremony took place in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on Friday 14th September. Unfortunately, this date clashed with a holiday that Pixie and Paula had arranged in Gran Canaria. So very early that morning Stephanie Gilbert and Gail Lawrence left Cornwall for the very long drive ‘up country’ to represent Safe Haven – Cornwall at the Awards Ceremony, both feeling extremely honoured and privileged to be attending this event.

‘Brushed up’ well, after a nerve steadying drink in the
hotel bar, Steph and Gail arrived at the Cathedral.

What an awesome venue. The nave of the cathedral was filled with nearly 50 tables, each seating 10, and lit primarily by the candleabras from each table. Hogwarts re-incarnated. They believed they were the only trans women there and felt extremely proud representing a whole community, not just Safe Haven – Cornwall.

It was awesome, and extremely humbling, meeting so many people who had achieved so much over so many years in many areas of ‘diversity’. e.g. mental health, race, gender etc.

Every nominee there was up against seven others for each award. It appeared that everyone had  taken the view that as chances of winning were limited and therefore determined to enjoy the night to the fullest. This was certainly very apparent at the night club visited by many after the event, but that, as they say, is a whole different story.

Our Congratulations to the winners of our Category, SAIL NI, who have been supporting family members of transgender, non-binary and questioning people across Northern Ireland since 2008.

Hopefully Safe Haven - Cornwall will be back as nominated Finalists again next year.


After realising that there was no provision for transgender or non-binary people in Cornwall, Safe Haven was founded in 2015 to deliver a host of dynamic events for the transgender community. Safe Haven has an ideal location to provide a safe, supportive environment for people to come out and meet others in similar situations. The space also allows people to explore who they are, where their journey is going, how much their gender variance affects their day to day lives, how dysphoric they feel and how to proceed. This phenomenal organisation facilitate a 24/7 helpline and run three very successful support groups; a weekly group for trans and non-binary people and 2 fortnightly groups for Trans Teens, and the parents, partners and families of trans people. Safe Haven has given a lifeline to many who are suffering depression and isolation, changing the lives of over 300 people to date.