Party Weekend: 10/11 June 2016  (Kindly written up by Yvette)

Friday 10th

At last it was here our June’s weekender at Safe Haven. Like myself, all the regulars so look forward to this for it is our escape, our breather, to be away from the mundane and to flourish as our true selves among our beautiful sisters.

Friday started late this weekend as we had forgone the usual coffee morning in favour of an afternoon BBQ but alas the good old Cornish weather was not on our side. But by mid afternoon we had a fair gathering and many of us had elected to pamper and preen in the shelter of the conservatory. Filing nails, plucking brows, trying on an assortment of wigs and accessories.

Once evening was upon us the weather had improved so the BBQ was set up and most of us ate outside as it was still a warm summers evening and the bar was opened early for us to enjoy drink with our food. As time went by we then congregated inside to enjoy the now famous Traniokie with Emma Shard AKA Emilia Charade at the helm and belting out a few of her own awesome tunes too.

The bar was relaxed and friendly up in until Pixie decided to start challenging people to the dominoes drinking game! And by the early hours there were more than a few…who had more than a few!

Yvette Pool

Saturday 11th

Saturday morning saw the sun shining although a few sore heads could have possibly done without that! For me as a non drinker I was up with the larks and couldn’t wait to get ready. I don’t do the day walking as a rule but here at Safe Haven I have the confidence to let the sun shine down on me in all my glory and it is up lifting. The day saw a buzz of people coming and going some arriving to get ready, some leaving to explore the towns, countryside and markets that Cornwall has to offer but as evening approached the excitement started to swell as we all began our evening preparations.

Uniform night was our theme tonight and a fair few of us were gonna embrace that. After an aperitif from the bar it was time for our delectable hot buffet meal lovingly provided by our host Pixie and boy was it scrummy. Some of the food was kindly provided by Emma’s mum and granny who had come down to join her for a while this evening and how wonderful it was to see the three generations enjoying a dance together later in the evening.

After the meal it was time for some birthday shouts for a couple of the most awesome supportive partners that we all love Linda and Lana who both got the birthday serenade and a special cake and chocolates each and deservedly so. But then before the band could play an amazing thing happened as the hall was hushed a handsome young man went down on bended knee and proposed to Pixies daughter Annika and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she said yes, how wonderful and a first for Safe Haven.

Next came a highlight that I’d looked forward to for…well I guess most of my life! It was time for Jodie to rock up and belt out those awesome rock anthems that we all know and love and hell can she make that guitar squeal, but for me to be a schoolgirl and to sing and dance to Pink Floyd’s "The Wall" was a dream come true and it was truly awesome. We all rocked well into the night so much so that even after the band had finished we were all disco dancing away to Emma’s tunes into the early hours..

Yvette School Girl

Sunday Morning!

Oh my! Sunday morning was a struggle! OK I don’t drink, well not much! But I'd hardly slept before I had to get up and get ready! For I am the maid that serves the breakfast! It may have started as a bit of a laugh but it has become somewhat of an institution and I do love it so. To be a maid and to serve you all in my inimitable style, having jokes and laughter on the way extends the weekend for me. I get to be a girl for just one more day.

The morning started early for Delia too our now resident tattoo artist was back busily working her magic again down at Safe Haven.

My beautiful friend Suzi was our chef today and she can rustle up a mean full English for many people even on a major hangover! My respects to her. It took to about lunch time to feed everyone that morning but there is never any rush, at Safe Haven we like to savour our magic moments as well as the food... but all too soon it was time to leave with many hugs and some tears as we began our departures.

Don’t lose heart my beautiful sisters as we will all be back to do it all again very soon!

See you on the dance floor.
                                      Yvette Bond  xxx

Yvette Serving Breaky