Party Weekend: 13/14 May 2016

Friday 13th
WooooHoooo, It was time for two days of heavan at Safe Haven, this months weekend of events seemed to have come around very quicky! As usual our newsfeeds on Facebook were alive and kicking the night before with evryone making their final arrangments to get down here for the weekend. Pixie had been very, very busy preparing and organising everything for the weekend and of course baking her wonderful cakes for everyone.

Friday morning was here and Cornwall was blessed with glorious sunshine! Coffee and cake this morning would be outside on the decking whilst soaking up the sun. So as the weather turned from pleasantly warm to decidedly was time to assemble our new gas barbecue, it was a team effort (quite a big effort to assemble it) but we got there in the end!

With the  barbecue all assembled and the hot sun beating down, what better way to spend an aftrenoon than relaxing and chatting with friends on the decking, and for those of us brave enough..... a dip in the pool, it actually wasn't that bad once you were in....though took a while to warm up once you got out!

Decking_Chill  pool_swimming

As more of our friends arrived in the late afternoon we decided it was time to get the barbecue going, everyone had contributed with food to cook and so there was plenty to go around.....BUT..... school girl error.....we had picked up the incorrect type of gas for the barbecue! We were about to scrap the idea and just cook everything in the oven.....but then we thought, "why not modify the fire pit and have a traditional barbecue with wood and charcoal" thats what we did.....took us a little while longer to get the food cooked but it was a great evening.

As darkness fell upon us we were entertained further by Amber displaying her talented skills with a fire staff in the field, we (as well as the horses) were all quite mesmorised.

Click on the inmage of the burning flame below to watch Amber with her fire staff.

Burning Flame

To top off the evening we had a singsong with our friends on our karaoke machine, lots of laughter and enjoyment was had by all.

Saturday 14th
The weather was nowhere near as warm as yesterday and so there would be no basking in the sunshine today. Pixies daughter worked tremendously hard all throughout the day, doing tattoos and piercings, that girl is a machine, she didn't stop....and her skills are just astonishing! Everyone was extremely happy with their new tattoos ..... some so much so that they cried happy tears.

So here it was at last......BURLESQUE NIGHT!!! Some of us had been planning our outfits for weeks for this event....and my oh my... some of the costumes were just jaw dropping! Everyone made an effort, it really was fantastic to see so many people enjoying themselves and having fun. Pixie did us proud with her home made cooking which was delicious and Emma did an outstanding job with the music.  

Paula Pixie Martine
Faye Linda Evette Jenny

Sunday morning was upon us and we were blessed with glorious hot sunshine again, we were able to have a tasty cooked breakfast outside (served by the lovely Yvette) and had another opportunity to dip our toes in the swimming pool before saying our goodbyes. 

Looking forward to the next event in June.