Cornwall Pride: 27 August 2016

So our plans for our August party weekend were somewhat scuppered by our lovely English weather! We had made some awesome plans and preparations to host our very own "Safe Haven Olympics" ..... it was all set to be lots of fun, unfortunately we are postponing the frivolous Olympic activities to a later date, but all was not lost by a long shot, we still had a great "get together" on the Friday....with some of us picking up the Karaoke mic and killing a few songs! Saturday was fantastic as usual, lots of dancing eating, chatting and drinking.....good times.

A week later and it was time for Cornwall Pride! Wow....what a day we had! Our theme was Disney Princesses and we all made a really good effort, we had a float in the parade which took a lot of hard work and preparation to organise and get ready on time. The weather on the day was fantastic, the sun was shining and the mood was just incredible...we were all in our element....and loving it!

Take a look at some of the pictures below