Click on some of the links below to view see some of our previous events, documentories made about us and some "from the heart" write ups explaining how it felt to come here to Safe Haven for the first time.

First Experiences
As much as we'd like to be able to describe what it's like to receive the love and support from us here at Safe Haven....unfortunately that's very difficult as it needs to be experienced. Click on the icon below to read some of what people have to say about us.

First Experiences

Party Weekends

24/25/26th August (Bank Holiday) 2018
3rd/4th August 2018
6th/7th July 2018
1st/2nd June 2018
6/7th April 2018
3/4th March 2018 (Cancelled due to the extreme bad weather!)

3/4th February 2018
30th/31st December 2017 (New Years Eve) 
1/3rd December 2017 (Christmas) 
27/28th Octoberber 2017 (Halloween) 

29/30th September 2017 
26/27/28th August 2017 
29/30th July 2017 
30th June/1st July 2017
12/13th May 2017 
14/15th April 2017 (Easter)
17/18th March 2017 (Burlesque) 
17/18th February 2017
27/28th January 2017  
2/3rd December 2016  
11/12th November 2016

29th October 2016 (Halloween) 
1st October 2016 (Feral Scent)  
17th September 2016
29/30th July 2016 
10/11th June 2016  
13/14th May 2016 (Burlesque)
22/23rd April 2016           

25th August 2018 (Cornwall Pride)

26th August 2017 (Cornwall Pride)
27th August 2016 (Cornwall Pride)

March 2017 - Gran Canaria

Short Films
Maids in Cornwall